Hack Club Presents Apocalypse

The high school hackathon where you build fun tech to survive the zombie apocalypse!

May 17-19, 2024 @ Shopify Toronto

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July 21, 2034

-65 days until event

Greetings, hacker.

Just a few months ago, the world fell into a zombie apocalypse. It’s absurd how fast civilization has fallen to the virus.

Cities have turned to battlefields. Subways and schools have grown infected with the fallen.

It's the beginning of the end.

But one thing still stands: technology. WiFi is up, electricity runs, and hardware operates.

Join 150 hackers like you for 44 hours at our safehouse.

Build something, anything, to help us survive this apocalypse.

So, what will you make? Humanity is counting on you. From the Apocalypse team...

What’s a hackathon?

A social coding marathon! Imagine a weekend where teenagers come together to code projects for fun—however goofy or janky—and share them with each other.

You’ll have a goal to work towards, side quests to tackle, and new friends to hang out with. You don’t need coding experience—just an open mind.

Build what you love

At Apocalypse, don’t worry about being realistic. Build the projects that’d never make sense IRL, but would be perfect for tackling the zombies—from post-apocalyptic food delivery to zombie-sized mousetraps.

Worried about how you’ll do it all? Fear not; you can always receive 1:1 help from experienced mentors.

Share your knowledge

Silly or serious, technical or not, Apocalypse is a space to share what you know and learn from others.

What’s a skill you have? Run a workshop on it—we’ll pay for your supplies! And is there something you’d love to yap on? Do a lightning talk, like “why I hate caffeine (controversial)”.

Make new friends

Hackathons aren’t just time to code! At Apocalypse, you’ll meet fun teenagers who love making as much as you do.

From board games to karaoke nights, Apocalypse is one long social and a chance to befriend people you adore.

Loads of surprises

Apocalypse is experimental at heart! Keep an eye on our Instagram for showcases of what we're cooking up. Unique swag, fun activities, and excursions are in the works 👀

Are you ready to spark a new age of survival? Registrations are open!

Register now!

Rundown & FAQ

Date & Time: Starts at 6:00pm on May 17 and ends at 2:00pm on May 19.

Shopify Toronto
620 King St W
Toronto, ON M5V 1M6


Anyone 13–18 is welcome! If you're in middle school or a gap year student, check in with us at apocalypse@hackclub.com. Don't forget to bring an ID that includes a photo! Read our policy here.

Travel grants

Apocalypse is for hackers across Canada and the world. If you need help paying for travel costs, you've got options!

Travelling by car, bus, or train? The Hack Club Gas Fund can reimburse your costs. Learn more here.

Flying in? We have a limited amount of grants available. Please indicate your interest on the registration form. Looking for the travel grant application? It's over here!

Is this free?

Yep. Attending costs a grand total of $0. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. From meals to mini-events, Apocalypse is universally accessible.

I’m new to coding, can I join?

Apocalypse is for hackers of all skill levels. We’ll learn more together at workshops! If you want to start learning from home, YouTube and these workshops are awesome. If nothing else, you can learn surprisingly fast at a hackathon :)

Do I need a team?

Not required, but highly encouraged! You can meet teammates at Apocalypse, too :) Teams are limited to 4 hackers.

What should I bring?

Please bring an official ID that includes a photo (read the full policy), laptop ⚡ with its charger ⚡, sleeping bag, toiletries, water bottle, and imagination.

My parents are worried—what should I do?

Apocalypse will have 24/7 supervision by background-checked adults, with venue access limited to participants.
Our parent's guide is available here. Please reach out to apocalypse@hackclub.com with any concerns.

Who’s running this?

Apocalypse is organized by an eclectic group of teens who've worked on hackathons across the world! We're part of Hack Club, an 8-year old nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster a wholesome generation of coders, makers, founders and builders. Watch a recap of Outernet, Hack Club's summer 2023 hackathon, here.