May 17 - 19, 2024; 44 hrs @ Shopify Toronto

150 teens built the wackiest projects to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Here are the 40 projects they shipped!

Yummificator 5000

Atisa W

This Minecraft mod allows users to cook + consume zombie flesh and craft a stew. Plus, flamethrower.

Zombie Translator

Rhys P, Kevin Y, and Kyle L

Two way translator for Toronto slang and zombie.


Julian K, Evan G,
Cassandra J, and Sofia E

Apocalyptic communicators with no reliance on cellular data or other infrastructure.


Savina J and Andrea Y

Elephalert alerts humans to any zombie near a safe facility, disguised as a cute, squeaky elephant.

Zombie Boxer


This is a wearable glove that will help you with self-defense.

Lyfe Saver

Lakshya J, Junaid M,
George F, and Nathan P

A health tracker with an intelligible AI friend.


Felix P, Ruqayah R,
Brianna A, and Jerry L

This is a trading/bidding application.

ZomBae #2

Abir K H, Dominic L,
Samuel H, and Isaac X

Zombae is the first dating platform designed for both humans AND zombies to find their new partner.


Linqi L, Victoria W,
Aleesha A, and Prisca C

A little pea trying to make it big in the world.

Friendly Fire

Selena N, Ethan T,
Chayanth S, and Aneek M

Boogie bomb.

Practical Illumination

Kevin X, Zachary K, and Kyna S

4x4x4 LED cube.


Arnnav K, Brandon N,
Yohance P, and Kevin Di

Protect yourself during the looming apocalypse.

USS Apocalypse

Ivan S, Shrey S,
Mark D, and Sharon B

We built a car with a drone pad, taser prongs, and speakers playing communist music to stop zombies.

Zombie Home Defense System

Ryan Y, Yugraj D,
Nikhil M, and Evan Y

Zombie vs. Human detection system.


Karan C, Vicky C,
Ryan S, and Darren S

A 3-in-1 zombie tortue device.


Sophia N, Nuo Z W,
Ching Lam L, and Joyi X

Find love during the apocalypse with zomBAE, find your aPOOKIElypse today!


Victor H, Rohan K,
Eric L, and Jayden L

Apocalift: Remote RC vehicle rentals for survivors to explore and monitor zombie-infested terrains.

APOC Trading Centre

William C, Anthony G,
Nicholas G, and Mikael G

Post-apocalyptic trading app that lets users trade amazing item!


Sohaila A and Falak A

A Zombie Tracking Platform to Survive the Apocalypse in Toronto.

Zombie Apocalypse simulator

Shreenay A

A zombie apocalypse simulator to test your skills of the zombie hoarding outside.


Jeevan S, Yahya A,
Rababb P, and Edwin Z

A calculated droid tele-operated by an IoT server which can perform various recon tasks.


Daniella A, Bianca A, and Zara K

Humans can befriend zombies through this dating-like app, creating a connected apocalyptic society.

Zombie Hunger Games

Micha A

Many zombies compete in this text-based PvP game, but only one may enter the humans' bunker!

Undead Gambling

Tony Y, Ivan J,
Sean J, and Aayan

gambling with poker.

Disaster Survival Senarios

Ved M, Devansh G,
Saisrikara D, and Aryan K

We have simulations on how to survive a disaster and a chat bot to gamble bottle caps.

Apocalypse Handbook

Aiden W

Comprehensive handbook about everything known about plants and zombies during the apocalypse.


Yiming C, Leo H,
Yohance P, and Casper C

wrapped wraps your and your friend's life stats in one place.

Your Apocalypse Tracker

Richard L, Rosabel Z, and Chris H

App with the functions to notify the user whenever the motion sensor detects motion.

Zombie Laser Tag

Anant B, Gavin M, and Siddhartha T

Shoot at zombies with a laser gun to get points.

Apocalypse Alley

Ilya A J and Eddie B

A website to revolutionize the marketplace for a zombie-infested world.


Matt A

The modern prison platform for paranormal creatures.

Zombie Cross

Krish P, Azhaf S,
Tanvir S, and Prabhgun B

A research team tank built to study zombies.


James C, Emilio M,
Danie P, and Aaron W

A translator app that translates between the Grrs and Grah's of zombie speech to english.

Memory Capsule

Manitej B and Alexander P

A box holding the memories of the past.


John T A, Zoya H,
Alex N, and Lena C A

Our team's top worry during the apocalypse: how to pay taxes and keep the IRS thriving.


Anya H, Brianna W, and Bianca B

Help fighters record their daily killings of zombies to exchange for resources.

The Last Escape

Anvi D, Sukhmani B, and Ekveer C

The project aims to enhance urban resilience and preparedness.

The Screamers

Thomas S, Hajrah S and Kieve J

basically our idea is to make an alarming system alerting all computers zombies are near.

Dual Zombie Defense HQ

Alex R, Jaehyeong P, and Shanvanth A

This is the ultimate zombie defense system. It has a sonar, trapdoor, and a web dashboard.

Apocalypse: The Game

JC, Cheru B,
Mason M, and Charlie W

Grab your phones and tag each other, scan beacons, and win in Apocalypse: The Game!